Crypto Marketing Platform With Dividends to it's holders

Scam Or Gem your google of tokens is the first business driven DeFi token with actual utility and a proven lucrative business model. The revenue it generates will directly impact the price of the token



About $SGEM


The massive demand for exposure in the crypto market was the reason we created this token. This proven lucrative business model will have the customers pay for the services in $SGEM tokens, driving up the token price and most and foremost, bringing external money to the table.


It's not a zero sum game anymore - when the business is doing well - every holder is a winner just like in a traditional business. That is why we are proud to be the first "Business Driven" token. This isn't just cheap talk, the actual product, the marketing platform, is ready and there are already paying customers and a massive demand for it.


With our roadmap filled with new cool platforms to provide exposure we aim to become market leaders providing traffic and content of the highest quality to the ecosystem. So lets buckle up and fasten the seatbelts, because we are all going to the moon and no one will be left behind.

The Product

Welcome to the world’s first business driven deflationary asset. This token-marketing platform is the newest member of the ecosystem. All banners and promoted slots will be paid for in $SGEM tokens – out of which a portion will be burned. Visit the platform at 

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